Royal Bay Built: April

Royal Bay Built is your monthly update about what’s being built in this beautiful seaside community. Projects large to small, we’ll cover them all! During the month of April, here’s what the team at Royal Bay accomplished while following the guidance of Provincial health officials.

Meadow Park South / North:

The landscaping of Meadow Park continues with the latest phase growing in nicely. You can now see lush green grass, trees and a newly paved multiuse trail connecting Sparrowhawk to Caspian Drive. We are excited to open and reveal the new pedestrian bridge and thousands of new plants lining the storm water channel!

Most days of the year, Meadow Park is a perfect sunny spot to kick back and relax. You may not know that the park was carefully designed to be an integral part of our community’s storm retention system, for those not-so-sunny days. After heavy rains, storm drains throughout Royal Bay and the surrounding neighbourhood flow directly into the park storm channel. During big storms, the stilling basin slows the water and fills up before directing most of the water into three large raingardens. These raingardens are large basins built with layers of gravel, and carefully selected grasses and plants which act as natural filters. Once the root systems are established, the raingardens will act as the primary filtration system for the entire rainfall catchment area, cleaning muddy and silty water as it slowly seeps through the vegetation.

Sequoia Drive-Thru Coffee Shop:

Now more than ever, we need our coffee! We know you’ve been patiently waiting on the Sequoia Drive-Thru Coffee Shop for a while, and we are working quickly to get it up and running for you.

The foundation has been poured, the sea cans have been painted, and interior work is underway!

In May, we will be turning the sea can over to the Sequoia team so they can work their magic turning it into our first retail service at Royal Bay. Our dream for local access to good coffee will soon be a reality!  Stay tuned for more exciting news as it comes to life this summer.

GableCraft Homes Update: Single Family Homes:

As the fast-paced building at Royal Bay continues, roads and parks are expanding rapidly, and new homes are popping up daily. The new blacktop on Curlew and Trumpeter streets is going down quickly. Check out how great the area looks!

Compass Townhomes Update:

The Compass Townhomes are coming to life before our eyes. The new foundation is now in and framing is underway! There is a lot of interest in this beautiful property.