Royal Bay at a Glance


Royal Bay is a vibrant and diverse community that will be home to 3,000 residences at build out, with businesses and amenities that encourage relaxing and gathering all year round. A village centre—the heart of this community—is energized by convenient shops and services, businesses, restaurants and cafes, galleries and open spaces. Royal Bay supports pedestrian-friendly movement throughout the community and connects people to outdoor amenities, natural spaces, and beaches.

A Family of Neighbourhoods 

Responding to the site’s grand scale, Royal Bay has been designed as a series of interconnected neighbourhoods. While each is unique, the neighbourhoods of Royal Bay all share a walkable scale with an integrated network of parks and pathways, structured around a mixed-use village.

A Home for Everyone 

Royal Bay provides a home for everyone, with residential density nearest the mixed-use neighbourhoods and detached homes, ground-oriented rowhomes, and low- to mid-rise buildings within the Commons and Landing neighbourhoods. Each home is within a five-minute walk to the park network.  

The mix of housing within each neighbourhood provides a range of home sizes and forms. Homes have also been tailored to the needs of residents at different life stages, while reflecting real estate preferences of the West Shore.

A Village for Royal Bay 

Positioned at the community crossroads, the heart of Royal Bay is a central mixed-use village with well-known brands such Quality Foods and Cascadia Liquor. Whereas the nearby regional-scaled commercial centers provide for larger format retail services, Royal Bay provides a more intimate feel of a destination village by the sea. 

Parks with Room to Roam 

While the waterfront is central to the identity of Royal Bay, every neighbourhood incorporates parks and trails in a way that is authentic, meaningful, and ultimately more livable. Parks at Royal Bay restore nature’s landscape linkages through a network of parks and planned greenways.

Streets Designed to Share 

Sharing is central to designing smart streets that serve everyone’s needs: from the weekday commuter to the weekend stroller. Streets at Royal Bay are designed to provide a place for everyone that is functional, safe and enjoyable.