Past and Future

A Growing Community

2023 and Beyond

Looking to the future. 

Get ready to meet all your shopping needs! New retail outlets such as Quality Foods, Cascadia Liquor, Pure Integrative Pharmacy, Next Level Childcare,  and food service options will be opening soon, along with attractions such as the Royal BC Museum Collections and Research Building!


A place to call home.

The Royal Bay community has continued to grow. More residents have moved in, the Sequoia Drive Thru Coffee Shop was built and quickly became a beachside community hub, and the popular Meadow Park, with its playground and greenspace, started hosting many community events.


Increased connectivity.

Along with new homes, more pathways are built, connecting neighbourhoods and encouraging residents to get outdoors and explore their beautiful West Coast surroundings. Meadow Park Green opens, becoming a central place for community get-togethers.


The first residents arrive.

The first group of homeowners move into the community, helping Royal Bay’s neighbourhoods take shape. Since then, these residents have been joined by many more.


A new start.

For over a century, Royal Bay was a gravel quarry. After the quarry is decommissioned in 2007, the site is given new life when it becomes the chosen location for Royal Bay’s complete community.