Vancouver Islanders bask in the sunshine on Family Day

Stacy Ross |
Feb 13, 2017

Source Article (no longer active)

Folks on Vancouver Island didn’t let an ongoing controversy over the date put a damper on their enjoyment of Family Day.

In 2012, the Christy Clark goverenment declared the second Monday of February to be a statutory holiday and since then more than 20,000 people have signed a petition asked the date to be 7 days later.

Those in other provinces have their day off a week later, along with Americans who celebrate George Washington’s birthday.

Whether in support of the date of Family Day or not, many families were taking full advantage.

“These people here are out for a walk and we came across each other, we haven’t seen each other in a couple of years, so we are just… It’s a good coincidence that we meet on Family Day.”

“I think it’s just awesome, because I am here visiting two grandchildren who I only get to see twice a year.”

” I think its fun to have time off from work for people who don’t get enough time away from the job.”

“Life gets too busy so I definitely think that Family Day is really important in recognizing that kids need time with their parents.”

Even four legged family members were enjoying the day at Colwood’s newest public beachfront park.

Family Dog Day featured free training and a photographer. All donations support the SPCA.

“We’re here celebrating Family Day but with a twist calling it Family Dog Day,” said Royal Bay Marketing and Communication Manager Cortney Fraser,  “we’d like everyone on the West Shore to come out and use the public, off-leash beach and we thought why not celebrate that?”

“We don’t have any kids but we have our dog and that’s our family and we’re enjoying the nice weather and the beach.”
“I think it’s awesome I’m really glad to have a statutory holiday in February at the beach with the kids and the dogs.”

“I really like it cause firstly because I don’t have to do school. Second of all it’s fun to hang out with your dogs.”

The 10 acre beachfront park is part of the massive Royal Bay development and was opened to the public in September.

Happy Family Day!