Site Plan

This amenity-rich ocean community features diverse home solutions, restaurants, entertainment, nature, schools and more.

The Royal Bay site plan is designed for those seeking a dream staycation, to settle down with family, or an empty nest, and make the most of our west coast paradise.

Days here are infused with driftwood beaches, sunny walking trails, meandering biking paths and an abundance of urban amenities just minutes away.

Site Plan Drawings & Land Use Map

From site plan drawings to our land use map, we are committed to creating an inclusive experience for our residents-to-be. See the timeline below for more on where we’re at, and what’s in the works.

Community Update

The South Latoria portion of the development is in the works, with rezoning ensuring the continued development of Single-Family Homes, Multi-Family Homes as well as Commercial development.

A shopping centre and elementary school are planned, with further development of the Commons to include single family homes and townhouses, shops, transit exchange, main street, grocery store and signalized intersection planned.

The development will also become the new site for the Royal BC Museum Research & Collections Facility, to hold collections that include birds and mammals, botany, fish, entomology, history, paleontology and modern history. There will also be a research department, with additional research labs and dedicated learning spaces.

The future looks bright! Additional commercial, retail, multifamily, single family and mixed-use homes planned, with roadways and allocated plots of land to be determined for future needs.

What to Expect

There are homes here for all ages seeking west coast adventures and easy access to Victoria, BC. Among the developments in store, Royal Bay land use plans will:

  • Enhance pedestrian and cycling connectivity
  • Improve transportation and transit linkages
  • Provide a range of diverse housing options
  • Allocate opportunities for civic institutions
  • Create commercial and employment opportunities
  • Create high quality park space, trail and greenways
  • Protect environmental and natural features
  • Protection of key view corridors from Public Spaces

The community is committed to sustainability with plans to support green transportation choices and mode shares (e.g. Frequent Transit Network, pedestrian connectivity, separated cycling facilities and a walkable mixed-use village).

Parking areas will also be designed to support sustainable stormwater management and infiltration within the Commons.

About the Quarry

The Quarry is bound by Latoria Boulevard to the north, Latoria Creek Park to the west, Metchosin Road to the south and a new collector road on Ryder Hesjedal Way to the east.

This neighbourhood will feature a mixture of single-family homes and townhouses, elementary school, secondary school, parks, open spaces and potential civic uses such as a fire hall and civic precinct (e.g. library, city hall).

About the Commons

The Commons mixed-use neighbourhood at the centre of the community will provide for commercial, residential, mixed-use developments and now institutional uses.

It will include a retail village, a grocery store, cold beer and wine store, coffee shop, restaurant and pharmacy. Commons retail and commercial uses could range from 70,000 to about 190,000 sq. ft. based on market demand.

Additional employment/commercial lands are being reserved for non-residential uses that would provide employment opportunities or institutional space.

Looking Ahead

Priorities for transportation connectivity, traffic and road improvements, transit hub development and greenspaces include:

  • Sidewalks and protected bike multi-use trail on major roadways
  • Sidewalks on all local roads
  • A system of formal and informal trails and greenways through parks and neighbourhoods
  • Installing a future traffic light at Latoria
  • Boulevard and Metchosin Road
  • Building a future controlled intersection at Ryder Hesjedal Way and Metchosin Road
  • A Future Frequent Transit Network Transit
  • Exchange placed at the north end of the Commons with a stop provided on both sides of Latoria Boulevard
  • Locating a Transit Exchange adjacent to the Commons
  • Nearly 17 acres of South Latoria dedicated as neighbourhood parks, natural parkland, trails and greenways
  • All riparian areas will be protected with improved stream protection through integrated stormwater management

What’s Next?

Join us in our journey for site plan updates and news on homes as they enter the market.

We’ll be posting regularly and sharing exclusive news about Royal Bay homes, amenities and more!