Royal BC Museum Announcement

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We are thrilled to share the recent Royal BC Museum announcement. 

Construction will begin this summer on the Royal BC Museum’s (RBCM) collections and research building as part of a long-term plan to protect the Province’s collections that include more than seven million artifacts and the BC Archives.

A $204.8-million contract has been awarded to Maple Reinders Constructors Ltd. for the design and construction of the collections and research building (CRB) in Colwood, following a competitive design-build procurement process. Total capital project costs for the building are valued at more than $270 million.” []

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The Royal BC Museum is one of Canada’s most revered cultural institutions with a long history of celebrating the rich heritage of our province. The new RBCM facility, to be located in Royal Bay, will house collections, archives and a research department, aiming to preserve British Columbia’s history for future generations. Together, this new location will create a unique destination that celebrates history while simultaneously contributing to the vibrant, contemporary living experience that can be found at Royal Bay. 

Our government is committed to protecting our province’s history today and for future generations. I am confident that this is the right step to take in securing our province’s invaluable history and ensuring more access for people. We look forward to working with Maple Reinders, the Songhees and Esquimalt First Nations, and the City of Colwood on this historic new building. – Lana Popham, Minister of Tourism, Arts, Culture and Sport

Not only will the museum offer unique, immersive learning experiences for the public, but they also have plans to bring home the mammoth tooth that was unearthed in Royal Bay over 50 years ago. 

The construction of the new branch of this historic institution will break ground this fall and doors will be open to the public in 2026. We look forward to welcoming them into the Royal Bay community!