Royal Bay Built: September

Royal Bay Built is your monthly update about what’s being built in this beautiful seaside community. Projects large to small, we cover them all! September was buzzing! Here’s what the team at Royal Bay accomplished in September.

Old Latoria Road Trail Closes to Public to Prepare Lands for Construction 

South Latoria is now an active construction area as we prepare the land for the next chapter of Royal Bay. Old Latoria Road Trail was recently closed to the public to enable construction on South Latoria and the two new neighbourhoods coming to Royal Bay: The Quarry and the Commons.

You will soon start to see a lot of activity on-site as crews mobilize to restore the land from its longstanding mining use. This transformation is guided by a development approach that responds and adapts to the site conditions and protects and enhances the local ecosystem. All riparian areas will be protected. Upon completion, there will be improved stream protection through stormwater management integrated into the design of the site.

In the coming weeks, you will see more people, trucks, and equipment on-site, site grading will begin, and some tree removal will commence. Work will occur six days a week, between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m.

The Next Exciting Chapter of Royal Bay: Latoria South

When we talk about the potential Royal Bay holds for the Westshore, the Royal BC Museum announcement of a new Collections and Research Building at Royal Bay is a perfect example!

As part of a long-term modernization plan, the new 150,000 square foot public facility will house the museum’s growing collection of over 8 million artifacts, alongside research labs and educational space.  Land preparation for the mass timber building will start this fall and the new branch will open its doors to the public in 2024.

500-student Elementary School in Royal Bay announced

In September, the Sooke School District No. 62 and the Government of BC announced their purchase of a property – between Latoria Boulevard and Metchosin Road- for a 500-student elementary school and playing fields.

The much-anticipated elementary school will be within a few steps of all Royal Bay residents, existing and new. With 2,100 new homes planned for Royal Bay, the school will be a new hub for the community to come together. The site is now being cleared.

Metchosin Road Landscaping

A few cooler, rainy days provided great conditions for the new grass to take root on Metchosin Road. In September, new grass, trees, and some rhododendrons and lavender to add colour were planted alongside the new sidewalk. The remainder of the landscaping will be completed in October.


Latoria Boulevard Streetscape

The finishing touches on the West Commons development came to life in September, with new white picket fences and landscaping, creating a seamless interface with Latoria Boulevard. Just a short stroll to the waterfront, the Hamptons inspired colour scheme of light blue, pale yellow and white, blends well with the natural landscape of our seaside community.

Coffee shop landscaping

With just weeks to go before opening, the new coffee shop has been bustling with activity. COVID introduced a delay in the ordering technology needed to open. It should arrive soon, which will allow the final testing and planning for the opening to occur!

No Slow Down in Sales and Construction at GableCraft’s Royal Bay

As we wrap up of September and enter October, activity at Royal Bay continues to be brisk and the Sales and Construction Teams remain at full speed. All homes in Sector 3 are now sold, which has expedited the release of the next 99 lots in Sector 4.  This earlier release will introduce a variety of new homes, including some with legal suites. The recently released and very popular Silverstone rancher offered new options for homes with a 1- or 2-bedroom suite, so we are looking forward to additional, limited supply.

The Compass, our 58-unit townhome development, is also completely sold out.  They were all pre-sold which is a credit to the location, design, and many features. We are of preparing two new multi-family developments which will be released later this year and into 2021. The first development includes sixteen rancher patio homes, offering roughly 1350 square feet, while the second offering is similar to the popular Compass development, introducing another 83 townhomes.

Reach out to Tanya Zakkour and Brendan Wilkinson at the HomeStore located at 300 Caspian Drive, Monday to Thursday 12 noon to 6 p.m. and Saturday and Sunday from 12 noon to 5 p.m. Please note we are closed Fridays.