Your Best Self in Colwood: New Year’s Resolutions on the West Shore 

January 1st has now come and gone, which means that you’ve likely set lofty goals for your 2020 year. But will you follow through? In 2018, Global News reported that 8 out of 10 Canadians failed to keep their New Year’s resolutions. To keep you part of the committed 20%, we’ve broken down some of the most common New Year’s resolutions in Canada so that you can easily pursue them right here on the West Shore.  

Physical Activity

If your goal this year is to slim down or buff up, there’s a variety of options in Colwood to get you whipped into shape. Enjoy the peace and quiet of nature? Beautiful outdoor hiking trails abound around Colwood, which are helpful for getting your cardio in. We think Perimeter Path, 5 minutes away from Royal Bay, is a great choice! If you need the focus of a gym environment to power through your regular workout, the Juan de Fuca Recreation Centre offers a muscle-building 3,500 square feet of weight and cardio equipment. The added bonus for this option? Being able to relax after your hard work in the Centre’s large hot tub, which overlooks the Juan de Fuca Golf Course.

Healthy Eating

After a long holiday season of indulgent meals and sweet treats, a more well-rounded diet is on almost everyone’s radar come January. Red Barn Market Latoria Walk is our choice on the West Shore for healthier fare. With their “Island grown, Island raised, Island made” philosophy, Red Barn Market has a balanced meal option for all that is responsibly sourced from local producers. From their infamous “Tall as a Barn” sandwiches to their ready-to-eat Island Farmhouse Poultry whole roast chickens, this local choice will give you the clean burning fuel you need to leave those extra pounds in 2019.

Learn Something New

Is 2020 your year to pursue the quest for knowledge? Colwood’s Royal Roads University offers a perfect chance to get back into academic life with their Free Talks community program. This program sees a variety of experts, from PhDs to seasoned practitioners, give complementary two hour classes on topics ranging from Women in Leadership to in-depth explorations of local history. Coming up on January 22nd is a session titled “The Impact of Digital Distractions on the Brain“. Sounds very relevant going into 2020!