Bow Wow – it’s almost Family ‘Dog’ Day at Royal Bay

Some say I am the most important member of the family – the dog. I can bring everyone together, relieve moments of family tension and will always by your side. Aside from that I am soft and furry, smart and lovable and above all else, loyal. In case you haven’t heard there is a day coming up dedicated especially to me – Family ‘Dog’ Day at the Royal Bay Beachpark.

I love Royal Bay for its wide-open spaces, but where I can really get my jollies, the ‘run as fast as I can, tongue flying out the side of my mouth fun is on the public beach at Royal Bay. Family ‘Dog’ Day is all about me at this beloved Beachpark and there will be treats! A professional photographer will be there to take my picture so you (my owner) can make weird noises when looking at it and post it to those screens you stare at constantly. The SPCA, protector of fellow pups, will be on hand with information about other awesome dogs looking for homes…I could use more brothers and sisters you know!  And just for you, my cherished owner; there will be coffee, tea and human treats.

As you are aware, I am perfectly behaved at all times. But if you have questions about training, a certified dog trainer will be on hand in case you feel you need to discuss that time I got up on the counter and ate the turkey dinner.

The message to you is this: bring me to the Royal Bay Beachpark (at the corner of Latoria Boulevard & Metchosin Road), Feb. 13 from 10 am – 1 pm and I promise to be good! Read more here


The Family Dog.