Construction Update

Health and Safety at GableCraft Homes

Health and safety is always a top priority at our construction sites. As we adapt our practices to respond to the COVID-19 protocols, we are heeding the guidance of Provincial health officials.

Dear Royal Bay community,

With the recent impact that the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) has had on a global and local scale, we recognize that it remains a primary focus for people everywhere. The safety of our community of residents, employees and trade contractors are our top priority. We are taking measures to ensure we are following best practices as laid out by trusted health authorities and government directives.

The Province of BC has indicated that construction sites can and should remain operating with the appropriate WorkSafeBC and COVID-19 protocols in place.

GableCraft Homes has obligations to deliver homes to future Royal Bay residents, many of whom have sold homes elsewhere and are relying on us to ensure they have a home to be in.

As such we are heeding the directives of the Province of BC and The Government of Canada with regard to all COVID-19 procedures, regulations, and restrictions.

Construction Sites Best Practices Implemented by GableCraft Homes:

  • Introduced a Construction Site Registry, updated daily regarding the name, physical work location, health and recent travel status of each worker on the site
  • Introduced more hand-washing stations
  • Communicated protocols with our workers and companies on site
  • Instructed workers who have flu-like symptoms or who have travelled out of country to stay home
  • Introduced remote working options for office staff, where possible
  • All door contact surfaces in each home are cleaned daily by GableCraft staff
  • Disinfectant cleaning supplies are provided within each home for additional cleaning as required
  • 6 feet (2 meters) physical distancing rule – never get within 6’ from one another
  • Enforced a ‘2 persons per floor’ policy in each townhouse unit or home under construction
  • Deferred service appointments and extended warranty coverage to minimize risk
  • Active management by supervisory staff to manage occupancy levels in the homes

Read more about the Province’s decision to keep construction sites open, as communicated by the Urban Development Institute: Click here.

Hand-washing station at construction site – GableCraft at Royal Bay

Hand-washing station outside of HomeStore – GableCraft at Royal Bay

HomeStore (Sales Centre):

To ensure the safety and well-being of HomeStore visitors and our employees, we are implementing the following measures:

  • HomeStore traffic will be limited to ONE group at any given time
  • Regularly disinfecting all high contact surfaces with PREEMPT Hospital Grade Products, as per the Canadian Infections Control Guidelines
  • Practicing Social Distancing (2 meters/6 feet) during interactions between staff and HomeStore visitors
  • Limiting physical contact with hard surfaces at the HomeStore – in an effort to make it a handsfree zone
  • Enforcing a ‘By Appointment Only’ policy for show home viewings

In addition to this, all office staff are now working from home – with individual field visits to monitor construction progress. We have also developed a COVID-19 Management Committee that meets daily to monitor the situation closely and implement new policies that adapt to this everchanging environment.

Rest assured, we are doing everything necessary to ensure the well-being of our community. Your health and safety will always be our top priority. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or concerns.