Construction Update: Health and Safety at GableCraft Homes

Health and safety is always a top priority at our construction sites. As we adapt our practices to respond to the COVID-19 protocols, we are heeding the guidance of Provincial health officials.

The Province of BC has indicated that construction sites can and should remain operating with the appropriate WorkSafeBC and COVID-19 protocols in place. Read more about this decision by clicking here. As a result, you will see we have already introduced new measures:

  • More hand-washing stations
  •  Communicated protocols with our trades workers and companies on site
  • Required workers who are sick or who have travelled out of country, stay home
  • Introduced remote working options, where possible
  • All workers must maintain 6 feet physical distancing from one another

We continue to monitor the situation closely and will adapt as directed by the Provincial health and public safety officials.